Lord Uriel Baruuk of House Kalakos

Knight Hospitaller from Bant


I Shall Suffer No Evil!
Mercy Guides My Hand

Combat Master d10
Riding Master d10
White Magic Master d10
Medical Expert d8
Psyche Expert d8
Blue Magic Expert d8
Green Magic Expert d8

Knight of the Undying Splendor
- Magical armor enchanted with defensive and majestic sigils (Godlike Durability d12)
- Advanced martial training in all conventional weapons (Weapon d8)

Angel Incarnate
- Angelic blood gives him great potential in mystical arts (Sorcery d8)
- White Magic protective spells (Mystic Resistance d8)
- A spell that grants him angel wings (Flight d6)
- Increased fortitude and natural healing (Enhanced Stamina d8)
- Increased strength (Enhanced Strength d8)

Current Milestone(s):
Apprentice Wizardry 102
1 XP when you first cast a Green or Blue magic spell.
3 XP when you defeat a foe, or assist an ally in defeating a foe, using only magical spells.
10 XP when you win a major victory using nothing but magical spells, or say “fuck it” and eschew magic for the battle.

  • Born into the Mortar caste in a family of blacksmiths.
  • Ran off at a young age to join the military
  • Early on, proved himself in battle, earning many Sigils (many from House Kalakos) raising him to the Sigiled caste
  • Befriended the golden mherva breed Leotau, Steelheart
  • Recently, Lady Theodosia of House Kalakos was kidnapped by bandits, Uriel was the only one able to save her in a short time.
  • Love blossomed between the two
  • Married Lady Theodosia, marrying into House Kalakos as a Lord. Thus he joined the ranks of the Blessed caste.
  • An angel ally of House Kalakos, Ezekiel, noticed magical potential in Uriel and requested that he receive magical training
  • Practiced all three colors of magic: White, Blue and Green, but only recently began using them outside of a controlled setting.

Lord Uriel Baruuk of House Kalakos

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